Fix Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Moisture Detected

On this post i will sow you How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Moisture Detected.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Moisture Detected
Fix Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Moisture Detected

Samsung Galaxy S series is known for its build quality.The real metal finish on the main camera adds unity to the design and accentuates the luxury of the haze texture. It’s a bold new camera design in a category of its own.The 108MP sensor gives you the highest resolution possible on a smartphone. Featuring all new 12-bit processing that offers a wider range of colors for crystal clear shots. And with nona-binning technology, it even helps take in more light for great exposures in dark scenes. 108MP for so much detail, you can crop, crop and crop again.The New Dual Zoom lens system is faster and sharper than any zoom before, featuring a 10MP Dual telephoto lens and enhanced Super Resolution. It even has a Zoom Lock feature so you can stabilize shots while zooming. Now zoom up to 100X with clarity and precision.A 120Hz refresh rate allows for the smoothest scrolling screen to keep up with all your feeds. It constantly adjusts for the best viewing experience, and even helps your battery last longer.The new battery in the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G isn’t just big. It’s got the brains to match, intelligently learning your app usage to optimize power consumption. Get the power that outlasts the day even in 5G.Today we will talk about a common issue on Samsung devices. If you are here probably you also had Moisture has been detected on Galaxy S21 Ultra.

If you using Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra then you face moisture has been detected or other charging issue in charging port.This issue is mostly reported by users who live in humidity areas like near sea.

How To Fix Moisture has been detected on Galaxy S21 Ultra

  1. The first thing to do is to use a needle and clean the charging port. Usually, there’s some dirt in the charging port that is causing this issue. Be very gentle in cleaning the port, you don’t want to damage your phone.
  2. If you live in a humid area or near the sea. Probably the issue is because of humidity in the atmosphere. You can try to dry your phone port with a Hair Dryer. It would be a temporary fix; as if you live near the ocean or in a humid place. The humidity is gonna stay around for some months or weeks.
  3. The other fix, that has been in use for years. Put your phone in rice for some hours. This is also the solution if your phone ever falls in the water. Although, the new smartphones like Galaxy S21 are waterproof. This method can now be used to fix moisture detected on Galaxy S21 Ultra.
  4. If nothing is working and you are tired of this error. You can charge your Galaxy phone with this hack.
    1. Shut down your phone.
    2. Turn it on, as soon as you see the Samsung logo. Connect the charging wire. The phone will start charging. Make sure you connect the wire as soon as you see the Samsung logo, not before or after it.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Features

Samsung S20 Ultra have most vivid and brightest display in a smartphone. Even the direct light of the sun can’t stop your viewing pleasure. Thanks to our Eye Comfort Shield, it even intelligently adjusts blue light so your eyes won’t feel so tired.Witness the fastest chip ever in a Galaxy. With a 5nm processor on board, you get seamless multitasking and a hyper-fast content streaming.Shoot like a pro, with incredible details at 8K resolution and smooth action at 24 frames per second. It’s the highest resolution video available on a smartphone.

If you facing other problems then contact Samsung Service Center

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